Interactive Display


Simple technology designed to support your classes and meetings.


Android 13



Available sizes
65″ – 75″ – 86″

40 touch


Microphones & Speakers
2 x 15W

On-board Windows PC
or Android OPS


Access all your tools with just one click
Enjoy constant access to a range of different tools that allow you to annotate, save content displayed on the screen and switch nimbly between applications.


S-Write, your digital whiteboard
The S-Write digital whiteboard application is one of the infrared screen’s most essential tools. You’ll find yourself using it for everything: courses, presentations, workshops and meetings.


Install your applications right onto your screen
Enrich your interactive experience by downloading your favourite apps from the SpeechiStore onto your infrared screen.


Use the wireless mirroring tool to give your big ideas the space they deserve
Want to share what’s on the screen of your PC, tablet or smartphone? Thanks to the integrated mirroring tool, you can share your display wirelessly simply by connecting to the same WiFi network as your screen.


Unlock the full potential of your classes and meetings with S-Write
Watch your meetings take off and add an interactive dimension to your classes with S-Write, your digital whiteboard application.

  • Get your ideas onto the page: write with one or more hands and change the colour and thickness of your line.
  • Diversify your resources by importing images, documents and videos.
  • Stay spontaneous: enlarge elements with a gesture and sketch geometric shapes freehand thanks to the shape recognition function.
  • Move easily from one subject to the next by adding as many slides as you like.

Lastly, keep track of everything you’ve discussed by converting your content into a PDF or image file or creating a QR code that your students or colleagues can scan to access it from their smartphones.


A panoply of tools at your fingertips
Access the sidebar containing all the tools and commands you need for interacting and navigating quickly with a single click.

  • Annotate: use your stylus to annotate content on the screen at any time.
  • Record: save your content and your annotations as a picture or video.
  • Navigate: search online, switchsources, open your work apps.
  • Highlight: use your finger to draw your students’ or colleagues’ attention to specific elements on the screen.
  • Keep time: whether in a class or a workshop, set the pace for activities by using the timer or stopwatch.


Your hybrid class on an infrared interactive screen

Break down the walls of your classroom and welcome remote students by adding a video conferencing camera with built-in mics to your screen.

  • To broadcast your lesson live: connect to the internet, launch your video conference and share your screen.
  • To record a lesson to share later: use the screen recording tool to capture the content of the screen and your voice.


Limitless sharing

Share connections:
Share your best online finds using the built-in WiFi module and transform your classroom into an ultra-connected space thanks to the screen’s hotspot, which allows your to share the screen’s WiFi connection with all other devices in the classroom.

Share your screen:
Share the display from your favourite tool to your interactive screen for all to see with a USB-C cable. No need to stay at your desk, you can use your device via the screen. In addition to allowing the device to function as a touchscreen, the USB-C also charges it (65W) so it doesn’t need to be connected to a separate power source!

Share your workspace:
Your Cloud workspace goes where you go, even on your InfraRed interactive screen. Open your documents (Google Drive or OneDrive), create new documents, edit and save, all from your screen.

Share your documents:
Need to transfer a file from your smartphone or tablet to your interactive screen? Thanks to Fast File Transfer, there’s no longer any need to email files to yourself! Simply scan the QR code on the screen, select the document you would like to transfer and you’re done!


Windows OPS – Turn your screen into a hybrid tool – Windows & Android

Enjoy the best of both operating systems and switch back and forth easily by changing the source:

  • Take advantage of all Android has to offer as the reactive, intuitive, ergonomic core system of our screen.
  • Benefit from the power and cutting-edge tools that Windows provides by adding a Windows 11 PC.
  • This PC comes in a special format called OPS, which allows it to be clipped to the side of the screen so that it’s not visible.


Google-certified OPS – Transform your interactive screen into a certified Google Android touchscreen tablet

User of Google services and applications? Choose the Android Box (Android OPS) for unlimited possibilities:

  • Get full access to all Google applications (PlayStore, GoogleDrive, GoogleMeet, Chrome, YouTube, Workspace, Classroom…), plus security updates.
  • Enhance the performance of your touchscreen with an even more powerful and responsive Android system.
  • Experience Speechi’s smooth, feature-rich, and personalized navigation to get the most out of interactivity.

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